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with Storytelling

In a hybrid work setup, keeping team cohesion and motivation high might be the biggest challenge for leaders, managers or project leads. Leading projects across teams is hard – even harder if you don’t directly manage those teams. 

How do you break through silos and change the way people work together?

How do you unite others around a common goal?

How do you lead day-in and day-out to tackle complex strategic work or bring a new idea to life?

Find the answers with

Spark experts in our brand new program!

Become a more influential leader - no matter where you sit.

Managers can’t afford to hold boring, unstructured, demotivating meetings – but this is exactly what employees are saying. To bring out the best in people, leaders need to be at their best, too.


It starts by leading effective and efficient meetings that deliver value both online and in-person.


Let’s jump in!

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This course is designed to help professionals to organise and hold effective, engaging meetings while improving communication skills, a creative leadership style and their ability to motivate others.


how to lead interesting and effective meetings

After finishing the course, you will lead enjoyable meetings that

allow the participants to connect to the goal of the project,

stay focused on your content.

You’ll be able to create an environment where your team’ll

share their thoughts freely,

come up with unique ideas,

feel empowered.

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Participants will gain skills that take them through the life of a project:<br /> from early ideation and brain hacks to execution and presentation.



6 occasions (5 onsite in-person and 1 online live course)


1 course/week (6 courses altogether, 4 hours/course)


Tailor-made corporate program designed to fit your company culture*




2 months


240.000 Ft + VAT /pers (with 12 participants**)

*Our trainers first – through interviews – unfold your team’s current challenges to adopt the course modules to them.

**All of the above – enrol your employees from different divisions or a whole team of up to 12 pers


Current leaders

Talents & future leaders

Professionals in any position who regularly organise and hold meetings (eg. change managers, transformational leads, project managers, engineers, HR experts)

This program gives you answers, if...


  •  you or your employees feel overwhelmed with inefficient, unfocused meetings. 
  • your team’s energy is down and you want to change that.
  • you want to build stronger team cohesion.
  • you need to excel in your communication and see your team flourish creativity.


Gain the confidence to apply storytelling techniques to your own work.

Experience how to lead a meeting in a fun way that gives higher results.

Experience action-oriented learning.

Practice new skills through in-course project challenges.

Understand how to flourish your team members' natural creativity.

Learn. Laugh. A lot.


Orsolya is a marketing-communication

expert and guest lecturer at International

Business School, mentor at CEU iLab.

She delivers high-energy training that

challenges audiences to break free of

their cognitive boundaries and use

creativity to leverage motivation

and work efficiency. 

Alex is a public speaking coach and

storyteller from Canada, a champion

public speaker with Toastmasters

International and the former President of

Budapest Toastmasters. Alex is passionate

about helping others tell their stories with

confidence that moves the audience.  


Data & Storytelling for Strategic Alignment

So, you’ve got tons of compelling data to prove out your strategic choices.

Now, the challenge is to go from grey charts and numbers to a story that will move your stakeholders and build alignment around the way forward.


Learn how to 

+ combine data and storytelling in a powerful way

+ apply your experience in any industry

+ use examples to brighten your presentation

Online Collaboration & Storytelling

Storytelling is no longer just something we listen to. It can be done through many different mediums.

Through collaboration, you will break through silos and create new ways of working that inspire people to deliver their best.


Getting comfortable with some online tools is the first step (we will work with Miro).

Purpose-driven stakeholders

Turn your meetings into a place that serves the project’s or company’s purposes with clarity. The best motivation comes when people know exactly WHY they’re doing WHAT they’re doing. 


Your task as a leader is to turn your team into stakeholders who are determined to be part of the project that you are presenting. It’s not just about getting tasks done; it’s about giving your team a sense of purpose so that people know why what they’re doing is really valuable.

Storytelling for connection and motivation

Stories help you establish connections between you & your team and between your goal & your team. Facts and concepts are important, but hard to visualize and relate to – and often leads to audience fatigue and boredom. Using public speaking techniques through stories, we can illustrate and demonstrate facts and concepts, breathing life into them and making them powerful and memorable. 


Get the tools and training to start telling stories you can apply and start using right away. Our easy-to-use framework and step-by-step guide take the guesswork out of the equation.

Meeting structure and elements that serves motivated teams

Learn how you can build up your meetings to serve different goals (eg. idea finding, problem-solving, giving updates on ongoing projects, sharing best practices, learning from failed projects etc).

With the help of this module, you will also gain confidence to use different brain hacks and creative thinking tools to encourage your team’s problem-solving ability.

Plus, you will learn different brainstorming techniques to be able to get amazing ideas from your team. 

Impactful communication

Style and tone are two elements that either draw audiences in or push them away. Improve your style with recurring segments designed to fit your personality and get positive reactions from your team.

Extra takeaways

You will get familiar with energizer activities that you can use to shake up your team throughout an intensive meeting. 

You’ll use the principles of human-centred design to make your leadership actionable and tangible when guiding projects and initiatives.


What is the course methodology?

At Spark Institute, we believe that learning by doing is the best way of building new skills & mindset. Therefore, our experts will lead participants through a real-world project on how leaders can design and deliver impactful meetings that get results.

Why meetings?

Team motivation is an enormously big topic. Instead of speaking generally, we chose to work on transforming meetings into more efficient and enjoyable ones. Because they are tangible elements of everyday work, where employee satisfaction, team bonding and overall effectiveness depend on their success, this is where we come together. Also, they cost a lot.

What is the participation fee?

In case of  a group of 12 participants, the participation fee is 240.000 Ft + VAT per person.

Can I apply alone or only a whole team can register?

Originally the program is a tailor-made course for companies.  Participants can join from different divisions from that same company or a whole team can register as well (up to 12 pers).

But if you are interested only alone, please get in touch with us, if a certain number of participants register from different companies, we will start a program for you.

Személyes konzultációért és ajánlatért keress minket a HELLO@SPARKINSTITUTE.EU címen!