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Future Leaders' Program for companies
Digital Leadership

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Data-Driven Leadership & AI Strategy

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Design Thinking

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Effective Teams in Hybrid

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Creative Corporate Culture

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Disruptive Innovation

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Who was this program created for?

C-level leaders, middle managers, talents and digital transformation associates of large and medium-sized companies.

Future planning toolkit

How to plan the uncertain future based on certain facts and knowledge

What is the impact of the course?

This module is about how leaders can plan more accurately disruptive strategies for the future, and use at business the most common future research tools.

What does the program offer?

Strategic planning with future research tools. Recognizing and handling disruptive patterns The potential effects of new, disruptive business models on traditional industries Masterclasses in English (optional) unfolding the following disruptive tech trends: AI Blockchain VR, AR, MR, Metaverzum Quantum-computing




Ground rules of scalability

What is the impact of the course?

We will discuss the crucial driving forces of the changing environment, the exponentially growing organisations’ toolkit and the laws of the present and future economy.

What does the program offer?

Anatomy of the exponential organisations How the future’s organisations developing Global trends in new business models - especially in sales and pharmaceutical industry Exploring the possible market scenarios that the future might bring, reflecting on exponential global tech trends

Leadership models

How to maintain sustainable effectivity and efficiency

What is the impact of the course?

Leaders will learn about essential mental models and future-leaders practices. This knowledge will help to create and maintain a sustainable organisation and support the workforce’s fairly-distributed performance.

What does the program offer?

Mental models behind sustainable strategies Purpose-driven thinking and leadership Using radical efficiency and flow management Target definition approach: the tool for sustainable efficiency Loading back: conscious steps for charging back First and second levels of thinking of leadership

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