Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership Program for companies
Digital Leadership

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Data-Driven Leadership

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Design Thinking

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AI Strategy for Leaders

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Industry 4.0

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We developed our customized corporate transformational programs on the basis of the curriculum of our open trainings. Each program is tailored to the market specialties and digital transformational challenges of our clients. Our goal is to develop organizations by providing them the knowledge and mindset, so they will be able to adjust quickly and dynamically to future challenges.

Who was this program created for?

C-level leaders, middle managers, talents and digital transformation associates of large and medium-sized companies.

Digital Leadership

In order to succeed in the future, we must learn – based on the laws of the digital economy – to think about the future of our business. According to this we need to know the opportunities of disruptive technologies and the business logic and models they generate.

Our programs consist of four main modules:

Mindset: conceptual changes and knowledge transfer

Methods & Tools: methodological practices and agile tools

Organization & People: skills needed for effective cooperation

Radical technologies: new technological solutions

Why is it important?

Half of all the jobs we know today will disappear in 20 years, due to automatization. Meanwhile, new jobs are created and most of them requires some kind of tech knowledge. The lesson? Leaders must embrace digital thinking and learn to navigate efficiently in a tech extensive environment.

What does the program offer?

Inspiring methods to set you off on the way of digital transformation

A new approach and tools with which organizations can become more efficient and financially more successful in the digital age.

A methodology which helps you to be able to provide new and effective answers to change and unexpected challenges.

Practical knowledge about building scalable systems that are able to grow



Transformative strategic thinking

Design Thinking and whats behind

Startup mindset

User experience (UX) design

Data-driven industries and business culture, industry 4.0

Bio-inspired innovation and biomimicry

Impactful communication and intercultural cooperation

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