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Design Thinking Program for companies
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Design Thinking

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We developed our customized corporate transformational programs on the basis of the curriculum of our open trainings. Each program is tailored to the market specialties and digital transformational challenges of our clients. Our goal is to develop organizations by providing them the knowledge and mindset, so they will be able to adjust quickly and dynamically to future challenges.

Who was this program created for?

C-level leaders, middle managers, talents and digital transformation associates of large and medium-sized companies.

Design Thinking

The Design Thinking method is a creative, agile and team-centered approach. In innovation processes, it brings radically new solutions; when used in „business as usual” (BAU) processes, it helps to maintain iterative, problem-based and agile thinking. It can be used very well in service, product and process design, and offers a real and highly effective solution to the challenges of companies working in a constantly changing environment.

Participants of this training will receive a practical introduction to the steps and tools of Design Thinking. They will learn to work with the methodology of Design Thinking, and to facilitate projects.

The strengths of Design Thinking:

encourages and enables thinking out of the box

works with rapid validating, testing and iterating circles

builds on the strengths of community-based, creative cooperation

teaches us to learn from users and clients

What does the program offer?

Theoretical knowledge and practical experience based on the methodology of Design Thinking

Creative, team-oriented problem solving methods

Easily applicable principles and frameworks to develop an agile working culture

Interviewing and validation techniques

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