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Data-Driven Leadership

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We developed our customized corporate transformational programs on the basis of the curriculum of our open trainings. Each program is tailored to the market specialties and digital transformational challenges of our clients. Our goal is to develop organizations by providing them the knowledge and mindset, so they will be able to adjust quickly and dynamically to future challenges.

Who was this program created for?

C-level leaders, middle managers, talents and digital transformation associates of large and medium-sized companies.

Data-Driven Leadership

During our Data-Driven Leadership program, we help corporate employees to understand exactly what the Big Data itself is and how they can manage and analyze the large data set owned by the company as efficiently as possible. Participants of the program will gain the basic knowledge of the Big Data world through intensive, experiential learning and will also receive answers on the following:

Fresh knowledge about the world of Big Data, it’s players, technologies and correspondences.

Guideline as to how we can incorporate a data-driven way of thinking in our strategies.

A deep insight into how we can use data in different business areas.

An opportunity to participants to experience machine learning, data analysis and data visualization themselves.

A detailed picture of how data-driven organizations work.

How the Big Data ecosystem built up and how does it start transforming your business?

Companies in the top third of their industry for data-driven decision-making are 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors


World of Big Data

Details and players of the Big Data ecosystem

Data as the main driver of value creation

Opportunities and best practices in the industry

Data-driven strategy

Cornerstones of data-led business (technology, system, creativity)

What to look for in data?

Strategical transformation to data-driven operation

AI in data-driven projects

Data-driven operations in practice

Tools of a data scientist

Smart data visualization

Certain pitfalls to be prepared for

Data-driven company

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