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Lead efficient teams in hybrid

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Disruptive Innovation

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Data-Driven Leadership & AI Startegy

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Design Thinking

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Digital Leadership

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Creative Corporate Culture

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In a nutshell about our corporate programs:

We developed our customized corporate transformational programs on the basis of the curriculum of our open trainings. Each program is tailored to the market specialties and digital transformational challenges of our clients. Our goal is to develop organizations by providing them the knowledge and mindset, so they will be able to adjust quickly and dynamically to future challenges.

Who was Spark’s corporate programs created for?

C-level leaders, middle managers, talents and digital transformation associates of large and medium-sized companies.

Digital Leadership

In order to succeed in the future, we must learn – based on the laws of the digital economy – to think about the future of our business. According to this we need to know the opportunities of disruptive technologies and the business logic and models they generate.

Our programs consist of four main modules:

Mindset: conceptual changes and knowledge transfer

Methods & Tools: methodological practices and agile tools

Organization & People: skills needed for effective cooperation

Radical technologies: new technological solutions

Why is it important?

Half of all the jobs we know today will disappear in 20 years, due to automatization. Meanwhile, new jobs are created and most of them requires some kind of tech knowledge. The lesson? Leaders must embrace digital thinking and learn to navigate efficiently in a tech extensive environment.

What does the program offer?

Inspiring methods to set you off on the way of digital transformation

A new approach and tools with which organizations can become more efficient and financially more successful in the digital age.

A methodology which helps you to be able to provide new and effective answers to change and unexpected challenges.

Practical knowledge about building scalable systems that are able to grow



Transformative strategic thinking

Design Thinking and whats behind

Startup mindset

User experience (UX) design

Data-driven industries and business culture, industry 4.0

Bio-inspired innovation and biomimicry

Impactful communication and intercultural cooperation

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Data-Driven Leadership & AI Strategies

The tech module contains two parts: data-driven thinking and artificial intelligence strategies.

During our Data-Driven Leadership program, we help corporate employees to understand exactly what the Big Data itself is and how they can manage and analyze the large data set owned by the company as efficiently as possible. Participants of the program will gain the basic knowledge of the Big Data world through intensive, experiential learning and will also receive answers on the following:

Fresh knowledge about the world of Big Data, it’s players, technologies and correspondences.

Guideline as to how we can incorporate a data-driven way of thinking in our strategies.

A deep insight into how we can use data in different business areas.

An opportunity to participants to experience machine learning, data analysis and data visualization themselves.

A detailed picture of how data-driven organizations work.

Hogy épül fel most a Big Data szcéna és cégkultúrájukat hogyan tudják elkezdeni átalakítani ennek megfelelően?

Companies in the top third of their industry for data-driven decision-making are 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors


World of Big Data

Details and players of the Big Data ecosystem

Data as the main driver of value creation

Opportunities and best practices in the industry

Data-driven strategy

Cornerstones of data-led business (technology, system, creativity)

What to look for in data?

Strategical transformation to data-driven operation

AI in data-driven projects

Data-driven operations in practice

Tools of a data scientist

Smart data visualization

Certain pitfalls to be prepared for

Data-driven company

The AI Strategy module goes deeper into data usage. But why is it important to involve artificial intelligence (AI) in the operations of our companies? Carefully planned automatization supports rapid growth and flexibility, results in more efficient organizational processes, decreases the possibility of making mistakes, and makes it possible for valuable colleagues to focus their capacities on innovative tasks.

What does the program offer?

Clearer understanding of what artificial intelligence (AI) is

A comprehensive insight into the world of AI, available technologies and service providers

Thought-provoking examples about how AI can be used for different business and organizational functions (e.g.: marketing, HR, sales, etc.)

Case studies about companies working in the world of AI

Detailed instructions about the most important steps of AI strategy building

Insight into the structure and culture of companies working with AI


Basics of artificial intelligence (AI)

The role of AI strategy from a business perspective

AI projects in practice

The effect of AI on the organization

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Design Thinking

The Design Thinking method is a creative, agile and team-centered approach. In innovation processes, it brings radically new solutions; when used in „business as usual” (BAU) processes, it helps to maintain iterative, problem-based and agile thinking. It can be used very well in service, product and process design, and offers a real and highly effective solution to the challenges of companies working in a constantly changing environment.

Participants of this training will receive a practical introduction to the steps and tools of Design Thinking. They will learn to work with the methodology of Design Thinking, and to facilitate projects.

The strengths of Design Thinking:

encourages and enables thinking out of the box

works with rapid validating, testing and iterating circles

builds on the strengths of community-based, creative cooperation

teaches us to learn from users and clients

What does the program offer?

Theoretical knowledge and practical experience based on the methodology of Design Thinking

Creative, team-oriented problem solving methods

Easily applicable principles and frameworks to develop an agile working culture

Interviewing and validation techniques

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Lead efficient teams in hybrid

Motivated people, impactful meetings

In a hybrid work setup, keeping team cohesion and motivation high might be the biggest challenge for leaders, managers or project leads. Leading projects across teams is hard – even harder if you don’t directly manage those teams.  

How do you break through silos and change the way people work together?

How do you unite others around a common goal?

How do you lead day-in and day-out to tackle complex strategic work or bring a new idea to life?

At Spark Institute, we believe that learning by doing is the best way of building new skills & mindset. Therefore, our experts will lead participants through a real-world project on how leaders can design and deliver impactful meetings that get results.

Learn and practice leadership skills that take you through the life of a project—from early ideation and brain hacks to execution and presentation—and create sustainable conditions for future work.

This course is designed to help professionals to organise and hold effective, engaging meetings while improving communication skills, a creative leadership style and their ability to motivate others.

Creative  Corporate Culture, Innovative Leadership

Is it worth to use more creativity at work? How does exactly a creative culture look like? What to do as a leader to encourage your people to come up with great ideas?

Researches made by IBM, McKinsey and Linkedin show that creativity has a strong correlation with career success, profitability and employee satisfaction. How can you unleash your team’s creative potential? You can gain real experiences trying out successful brainstorming tools, problem-solving frameworks and gain creative leadership skills. Join our program, we promise, it will be fun and super creative!

Who is it for?

CREATIVE LEADERSHIP: C-level leaders or team managers who want to level up their team’s or company’s creative potential

BRAIN HACKS FOR CREATIVITY: anyone who wants to gain hands-on tools to unlock the creative potential his/her problem solver side

What does the program offer?

Brainhacks: Tools and methodologies to carry out innovative projects successfully

Cooperative techniques in diverse teams, in hybring working environment or in remote

Detailed knowledge of innovation trends and technologies in your industry

How to do brainstorm to gain real unique, novel ideas

Case studies and what we can learn from innovative organizations and during practical implications

Inspiring thoughts, cognitive research results to help you to became successful with you leveled up creative skills

For personal consultation and offer, please contact us at HELLO@SPARKINSTITUTE.EU