AI Startegy & Data-Driven Leadership Program

2019-10-01 All day
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It is for leaders who want to make their own companies more efficient with the use of artificial intelligence algorhythms.


Timing: 7 x 1/2 days – on Friday afternoons from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm for 7 weeks


12 October - 30 November, 2018

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Undersand your data

But the prize we gain is worth it. In fact, in the case of most industries, starting the journey is the only possible option to stay in the game. Understanding our data assets generates increasing profits, enhanced customer value, more satisfactory user experience, greater product design and a nice amount of cash at the end of the day.

The somewhat unbeaten path of Data-driven Business is paved with burning challenges. We have to face questions that never arose before and take the risk of failing several times, before we start to get things right. New technical issues arise and the pressure to learn, explore and innovate increases.

Why artificial intelligence is necessary?

While nearly 85% of business executives think that the opportunities given by Artificial Intelligence (AI) will result competitive advantage in the future, currently only a few percent of companies have an AI strategy. Why is it for? The most common reason is that leaders do not possess the necessary knowledge and skills yet to evolve and implement the AI strategy within their organization. Spark Institute’s aim is to help executives to get started on this road. The program covers all the AI initiatives that support the automation of business processes, management and organizational practices, decision-making. As part of the bootcamp, participants will also prepare their first machine learning model!

What does the program offer?

Clear understanding of what artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning is.

A comprehensive insight into the world of AI, available technologies and service providers

Thought-provoking examples about how AI can be used for different business and organizational functions (e.g.: marketing, HR, sales, etc.)

Case studies about companies working in the world of AI

Detailed instructions about the most important steps of AI strategy building

Insight into the structure and culture of companies working with AI

Overview of available cloud tools and services

Hand on experience by building simple machine learning models without any coding

Future-proof knowledge about the Big Data world

Hands-on practices of Data-driven Organizations

Insights from data professionals

Connections to experts with remarkable results in the field of data-driven business (researchers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and leaders)

Membership of the community of open minded, creative leaders from all over the world


World of Big Data

  • Data as the main driver of value creation
  • Opportunities and best practices in the industry.
  • Details and definitions of the Big Data ecosystem.
  • The underline sense of data-driven thining
  • Data-driven decision making and strategy formulation

Data-Driven Leadership mindset

  • Cornerstones of data-led business (technology, system, creativity)
  • What to look for in data?
  • Strategical transformation to data-driven operation.
  • AI in Data-Driven projects

Data-driven operations in practice

  • Tools of a data scientist
  • Smart data visualization
  • Certain pitfalls to be prepared for
  • Data-driven company

Basics of artificial intelligence (AI)

The role of AI strategy from a business perspective

AI projects in practice

The effect of AI on the organization


Prices and Details

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Timing: 7 x 1/2 days – Friday afternoons from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm for 7 weeks

12 October -
30 November, 2018

Location of the course:

IBS Nemzetközi Üzleti Főiskola
1031. Budapest Záhony u. 7.

Fee of the program
Purchasing multiple tickets will reduce the training cost by 5%.
590.000 Ft person

Participation fee includes tuition fee and coffee breaks. Registration is valid after 20% down payment. The above are net fees, 27%VAT will be charged on top of those.

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