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Data-driven HR – Mindset change course

2019-11-22 All day
H-1031 Budapest Záhony utca 7. Hungary   Mutasd
+36 1 588 8603

390000 Ft

The goal of our brand new 2 day course, alongside our digital worksop is to provide a value with the help of a data-driven HR methodology, whether it is the more efficient usage of HR data, improving the efficiency of recruitment processes, increasing employee satisfaction or strengthening the role of HR on a strategic decision-making level. You will be able to find a solution to your own HR problem through an HR mindset, that you will surely be able to implement the next day at work. After the course, you will get the opportunity to keep in touch with the faculty to receive help with the implementation of what you learned at the program.

2019 may 16-17.


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The field of HR goes through radical changes,  which comes with a ton of challenges. These changes require a new mindset for both from the side of HR and leadership.

As a result of demographic, technological, and labor trends it gets harder and harder to find, recruit and keep talents. Meanwhile digitalization and data-driven mindset started to transform HR into a role of integrated business function from a strategical and consulting point of view. Changes coming with digitalization are rarely non-problematic, rather putting extra pressure into HR professionals.

Our students’ thoughts

Blended learning

Course package:

As a first step, complete our digital workshop anywhere and anytime. [LANDSCAPE].

If you successfully acquired the basics, and would like to recieve a deeper knowledge, you can participate in our offline classroom course, starting at the 16th of May. [MINDSET, PRACTICE].


Basics of HR analytics and employee journey planning

[In the form of a Digital Workshop]


– International examples: Achievable business results, based on HR analytics
– Advantages of Data-driven HR from leadership and employee perspective
– Technological and economic trends shaping the future of HR
– Meanings of fancy buzzwords, such as Big Data, Machine Learning, predictive analytics, AI, and People Analytics
– Modelling HR problems with data
– Options for collecting HR data
– Designing an employee journey for your own organization with Design Thinking methodology




Simulation & Case study
[With mentoring in small groups]
Modul 1 & 2


– Future organizations
– Future of HR: how to be resilient in an exponentially changing age
– MTP: Massive Transformative Purpose model
– Proven solutions for lack of resource, knowledge
– Data-driven HR step by step
– Case study: Introducing an HR automation tool
– Roadmap for executing a data-driven HR plan in practice, implementing what you learn in your own work environment
– Interactive data-driven HR case study based on group work
– Transforming a business problem into HR numbers
– Visualizing and understanding your existing data
– Data ethics, and data security point of view
– Alternative data collecting and employee questioning methods: How to transform corporate market researches into satisfaction measuring tools?
– Further planning of data collection
– Creating a data-driven action plan
– Leadership dashboard, data visualization and receiving insights
– What’s the next step when we have our data?


HR Design Sprint: KPI dashboard, creating an action plan

[With mentoring in small groups]

Modul 3 & 4


– Creating an action plan to reduce fluctuation.
– Change management, including business leaders, best practice: how to get leaders and employees behind our HR projects?
– Implementing what you’ve learnt
– Tracking progress
– HR Design Sprint
– Mapping the most important business and HR challenges of your own company
– Strategic numbers and KPI dashboard planning
– Finding correlation between existing data and planning of further data collection
– Communication and action plan developement
– Presenting your own demo


HR & People Analytics szakértő

Bodonyi Dániel

CEO, Spark Institute

Frankó-Csuba Dea

Senior tréner-tanácsadó, coach, Beehieve Consulting

Sütöri Judit

Digital Transformation leader

Szelecki Zsolt


Üzletfejlesztési menedzser, Indivizo

Bene Gábor

Already proven practices, that you can expect on the course:

we prepare presentations, where you won't feel the urge to check your e-mail

we collect the most up-to-date knowledge for you (and this is not marketing bulls**t)

the courses start with small groups, in order to provide enough attention and personal support for you

we provide international environment and inspiring experts

you will get a chance to keep in touch with your teachers if you stuck with the practical application of the study material

Our Data-Driven HR course is ideal for:

HR directors / managers

HR business partners

HR analytics specialists

To the course we don’t expect the registration of analytical experts, but professionals in the field of human resources, who would like to get to know the most up-to-date, instantly applicable tools and technologies of automation and learn about data-driven thinking, improve their analytical skills and get familiar with the methods of efficient usage of data, possibilities of process optimization, then with the helps of these find out how they can find the answer to strategical questions with the help of data.

Main areas of the course:

Latest knowledge of data-driven HR vision and tools.

Guidance to the application of the data-driven HR culture into our strategy.

Entrance to an international, open-minded and creative leadership community.

Detailed insight to the business-application of data in the fields of HR.

Guidance to the most important steps of data-based strategy building.

Own experience from the world of data analysis and visualization.

Overview of the currently available data-driven thinking and the supporting tools and services of automation.

Practical knowledge of the operation of data-driven organizations.


In the first module the participants acquire the basics of data-driven thinking.

Modules 2-4 are going to be interactive workshops with simulation nature.

In Module 2 we break down business problems into HR metrics, see what kind of data we have, plan the further data collection, etc.

In Module 3 the HR professionals are going to create forecast from actual numbers. Parallel to that the HR executives and business partners will create a dashboard and an action plan based on existing data.

In Modul 4, there will be an ``HR design sprint``, where we help participants creating their own road map based on their own problems/data, so they can instantly apply it in their work.

Relation between Data & HR

Collecting Data

Data-driven HR Strategy

Data-driven operation in practice

Employee Experience Journey based on data

Actual tools of automation

HR automation case studies

#1 Data-driven HR strategy step by step

Strengthening HR’s strategic role with data

Effective but rarely used HR metrics

Employee journey and employee experience, quantified

A road map for implementing data-driven HR in practice

#3/A: Creating a data-driven action plan

Designing an executive dashboard

Creating an action plan to reduce employee attrition

Managing change, involving business leaders

Monitoring effectiveness and results

#2 Data-driven HR in practice

Group-based interactive case study

Translating a business challenge into HR metrics

Exploratory analysis: visualizing and interpreting existing data

Planning additional data collection

#3/B: Predictive analytics

Predicting the risks and reasons for employee attrition

Exploratory analysis techniques

Predictive analysis techniques

Network analysis

#4: HR design sprint:

Create your own action plan, with our help

Mapping your company’s key business and HR challenges

Designing strategic KPIs and KPI dashboard

Connecting the dots between existing data, planning additional data collection

Preparing a communication plan


</span></p> <h4>May 16-17 2019</h4> <p>


</p> <h4>IBS Nemzetközi Üzleti Főiskola<br /> Spark terem<br /> 1031, Budapest Záhony u. 7.</h4> <p>


</p> <h4>390.000 Ft<br /> + ÁFA</h4> <p>

Purchasing multiple tickets will reduce the training cost by 5%.
Ft 390.000

Participation fee includes tuition fee and meals. After registration we send you the particpation agreement via e-mail. Registration is valid after 20% down payment. The above are net fees, does not include 27% VAT.

Date of the course has changed: 16-17 May

Time of the course: 2×8 hours (between 9 am and 5:45 pm) + lunch break



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