Isfandiyar Shaheen a Spark faculty member on TED

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Isfandiyar Shaheen a Spark faculty member on TED

Affordable internet for everyone

Image how isolated would you be without internet access! And imagine that 20 countries are home to 75% of the 4 billion internet non-users worldwide today. But fortunately there is a solution! An eye-opening speech from our fascinating faculty, Isfandiyar Shaheen on TEDxDanubia, who is working on ensuring affordable internet for everyone on the Planet.

Isfandiyar (Asfi) believes that access to free (or very low-cost) telecommunications services should be a fundamental human right globally. He endeavoured to make internet access available for all – and here is how this could work.

Asfi has a degree in mathematics from Franklin and Marshall College and loves modeling out how exponentially accelerating technologies will impact business solutions. He taught financial modeling at a leading business school in Pakistan between 2009-2016 and also serves on the board of a technology incubator and community hub in Pakistan, The Nest i/o.