Mariah Walton

Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn

Mariah graduated at the University of Colorado with a degree in atmospheric and oceanic sciences. After facing unemployment in her field due to the Great Recession she landed a job in the solar sector in California, analyzing meteorological data for solar arrays, but the company went bankrupt in six months. She was hired by a start-up in California doing data analysis on online shopping data and discovered her love for data analysis. The next step in her career was a data scientist position at LinkedIn, the world’s biggest professional networking website, where she was supporting the company’s sales division.

She is also a passionate painter, working with oils, watercolors, and scratch board. And how art and data connect? “I’ve actually found it just as useful in analytics work. I find I can easily visualize databases and datasets, to see how disparate sources can be connected — akin to the instructions for a complex Lego kit, I have a mental image for each step that I’m taking, as well as a certain aesthetic flair.”