Isfandiyar Shaheen

Founder and CEO at Towershare

Isfandiyar Shaheen joined Dawood Hercules Group as a Head of Growth Equity in June 2011. Currently he serves as a Director and Investment Committee member on the boards of Engro Corporation and Towershare Inc. Prior to joining Dawood Hercules Group, Isfandiyar served as Head of Investment Banking for Foundation Securities, where he co-managed the acquisition of British Petroleum ‘s Pakistan assets by United Energy group. Prior to joining Foundation Securities, Isfandiayar was Founder and CEO of the Kadmos Initiative, a financial services company he set up in 2009. Isfandiyar started his investment banking career in New York with Seabury Group and graduated from Franklin and Marshall College with a degree in Mathematics and Economics. Currently, he teaches Financial Modeling courses at IBA’s Center for Executive Education. Isfandiyar also serves on the advisory board of The Nest I/O (Pasha’s tech incubator) and Reading Room Project. He joined the Board in 2015.

Check his posts on Medium @ISHAHEEN10.