János Fonódi

Head of Data Analysis and Utilization, Magyar Telekom

János graduated as an economist and worked in the financial sector for a few years afterwards. He has been working in telco sector since 2000 and in CRM field since 2003. At Magyar Telekom his team manages the business side operation of the company’s CRM and campaign management system. These systems drive the communication with customers worldwide, the inbound and outbound direct sales channels like call centers, shops, telesales and other electronic channels (email, IVR, SMS, MMS, APP). Within the company these are highly data driven activities that use wide range of data, analysis, segmentations and predictive models to communicate with customers, explore their needs and provide them the right answers in the right time and form. Currently they are working on their Campaign 2.0 project which gives them the real chance for contextual marketing via integration of big data solutions and the online world, real time operation and highly automated processes.