David Trayford

Co-founder, Lurnia Project Team, Singularity University

Passionate about learning, he is co-Founder of Lurnia, a Romanian based startup building games and education programs. He is also an advisor in the EU Commission Startup Europe project MY-WAY, which works with student organizations and young adults to provide resources and connections for them to become entrepreneurs.

David is the founder of thehub.hu a popular co-working office space in the heart of Budapest. He is a Team Project Coach @Singularity University contributing to the Silicon Valley based, 10 week long Global Solutions Program as well as to the preparation of short listed candidates of SUCEE’s Global Impact Competition. Owner- Wow Media Kft. bringing the creativity of the entertainment to the business world.

“Change is ever present but its rate is accelerating rapidly due to technological developments. Let’s make these developments positive by ensuring business leaders have the knowledge and skills to guide their businesses forward for the good of all.”