Caelainn Barr

Data Journalist, The Guardian

Caelainn Barr is an award-winning print and broadcast journalist, who has worked with the BBC, The Financial Times, The Guardian and Al Jazeera. She headed up the European data research team at the London-based BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM on a joint investigation with the Financial Times into European structural funds. The team produced the first and only centralized fund database to reveal the abuse of tax-payers’ money by the Mafia, multinational corporations and property developers. The results were published by The Financial Times and aired by BBC Radio 4 and Al Jazeera. She has also used data analysis to uncover the misuse of expenses by the European Commission and human rights abuses in Ethiopia for BBC Newsnight. Barr now writes and presents for CITYWIRE, a financial publication based in London, where she works with numbers as often as she works with words.