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Spark Institute is a Future Studies hub for leaders and experts with game changing ambitions and professional curiosity. We offer a set of executive programs driven by the subjects of disruptive technologies, digital transformation, accelerating business models and changing patterns of markets.

Join the Spark Leadership Community to find new perspectives, recharge you with fresh energies, gain momentum to direct organizational or personal career towards a real and beneficial transformation.

Experience-led learning

Our programs offer a unique learning experience, through a carefully designed process of inspiration, experimentation and collaboration.

Inspiring concepts are introduced throughout the programs to enrich your reference framework.

Participants work in groups to solve challenges and address issues in group-discussions.

An open space is created for playful experimentation and testing new solutions.

Inspiráló és sikeres gyakorlati példákat mutatunk be, amelyek képesek kibillenteni a résztvevők gondolkodását a régen bevált sémákból és innovatív megoldások felé terelni azt.

Faculty and Think-thank

Spark is a meeting point of exceptional thinkers, outstanding scientist and successful leaders. Our faculty members hold significant track records in their fields of expertise and are trendsetting players of their markets and research areas.

Participants of our programs come from different bacgrounds, industries and cultures, which contributes to the diverse and exciting atmosphere of the Spark Community. The power of discussions, debates and reflections within the community is beyond expectations.

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Dea Frankó-Csuba
Senior Operations Manager and Programme Leader
Orsolya Galántai


International Business School, the founding partner of Spark Institute offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Budapest and Vienna.

They hold strong focus on practice-oriented education and find it fundamental to forge partnerships with corporations and Alumni in the business community. Partners and collaborators of IBS include large multinational companies as well as small businesses, the not-for-profit sector, and non-governmental organisations at national and regional levels.

From a school that was founded in 1991 as one of the first private higher education institution in Central Europe, International Business School has grown into a truly modern and dynamic business school


IBS offers five postgraduate programmes in English, on two campuses around Europe, all leading to the Master of Science, MBA or PhD degree conferred by its British partner. In order to accommodate your work commitments, IBS provides a flexible schedule with courses delivered in teaching blocks.

MSc in Financial Management

MSc in Human Resource Management

MSc in International Management

MSc in Marketing Management

MSc in IT for Business Data Analytics

Our bachelor’s programmes are 3-year full-time courses of modular studies leading to the Bachelor of Science degree conferred by THE UNIVERSITY OF BUCKINGHAM.

BSc in Financial Management

BSc in Business and Diplomacy

BSc in Management

BSc in Management with Arts

BSc in Management with Tourism

BSc in Management with HRM and Business Psychology

BSc in Management with Marketing

Our Clients

Our Partners

Singularity University

Singularity University is a think-tank of Silicon Valley, which organizes 10+ Global Impact Competitions around the word in countries such as: USA, Canada, Central America, Brazil, Russia, Spain, etc. Since 2012 the Central-European region is on this virtual SU global map with the annual CEE Global Impact Competition.

Jazzy Radio presents: Millásreggeli

Jazzy is a radio channel in Hungary, attracting a premium audience with a set of thematic programs around finance, environment and psychology amongst others. Every Monday morning its morning show, Millásreggeli has a session edited by Spark Institute at IBS focusing on future issues.


phi360 is a beyond-regular innovation consultancy & digital transformation catalyst in Berlin (GER). They combine Biomimicry, Design Thinking, Neuroscience, and Circular Design. They empower their clients to face the current and upcoming innovation challenges.

Brain Bar Budapest

Brain Bar Budapest is Central Europe’s only festival on ethics and technology, where we debate the issues that will define our future on the long run – unhindered by conventions and unapologetic about breaking taboos.


We are happy to hear from you. Share your questions, insight or ideas with us over mail, Facebook, LinkedIn or let’s grab a coffee and talk. You can a set a date with us at hello@sparkinstitute.eu

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