Humans as social animals at home office

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At this in-person meetup, you will hear experts talk about the best ways to deal with work – from the frontline to the hybrid platform – and find out how new norms have shaped our employees’ expectations during COVID. Finally, we show you how to use storytelling and creativity to help your organization flourish in these new, post-pandemic times.

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 Extremely loud, incredibly close

Juli Füredi /Keynote speaker, HR specialist, Organization psychologist, Author/

The pros and cons of being hybrid. What are employers thinking?

▧ Tips how NOT to work in hybrid

Orsolya Galántai / Communicator, Innovation skills’ trainer, Partner of Spark Institute

It it worth it to use more creativity at work? How does exactly the opposite of a creative culture looks like? Researches made by IBM, McKinsey and Linkedin show that creativity has a strong correlation with career success, profitability and employee satisfaction. How can you unleash your team’s creative potential? Orsolya will show you.

 The Power of Storytelling: Online and In-person

Alex MacIntosh / Speech coach, public speaker, storyteller

When telling a story, it’s easy to get lost in the details and bore the audience. In his talk, Alex shows you a simple framework to keep your story on track and your audience on the edge of their seats – whether you’re online or in-person. 

 How had our interconnected networks changed after the Pandemic?

Anna Magos / Organizational Psychologist, Organizational Development Consultant

Anna will share why hybrid-working mode has been the catalyst for many of my corporate clients’ current challenges. Some teams fall apart, their social network analysis graph shows it clearly; whereas other teams seem to operate relatively well though team members bottle up their hurts, which completely changes their team dynamics. Get to know the greatest wins, what did we lose and how to mitigate the pitfalls of a hybrid working mode.


▧  Alex MacIntosh / Speech coach, public speaker


▧  Juli Füredi – Keynote speaker, HR specialist, Organization psychologist, Author

▧  Marta Reguly – Manager, PwC Advisory | Strategy & Operations

▧  Anna Magos / Organizational Psychologist, Organizational Development Consultant

▧  Moderator: Fanni Gábor – Founder of Üzlet és Pszichológia, Economist, Behaviour analyst, Organizational consultant


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Hungary – Budapest, 1055 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78.


  1. July, Thursday, 

17.30 gathering, starting at 17.45 (ends at 19.30-20.00) 

Main language of event: English, some presentations are in Hungarian

Registration on the following link + please hit the ‘attending’ button on the Event: 

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Our Data-Driven HR Course on November 14-15 will cover all of these topics and much more in great detail, but in the meantime, we are happy to give you a detailed introduction with the help of our People Analytics & Data expert, Daniel Bodonyi.