Business Storytelling workshop

This course's language is English

9.00 - 12.30, 8 December , Friday 2023

Information tells, stories sell

Budapest, in-person

42.000 ft+ VAT / prs

Group discount: 38.000 ft+VAT/prs

Facts and concepts are important but hard to visualise – this often leads to audience fatigue and ultimately: boredom. Stories help you take the audience on a journey – creating a joint experience between you & your team and connection to the goal.

Using stories in a business environment, we can illustrate and demonstrate facts and concepts, breathing life into them and making your words powerful and memorable.

Why don’t you learn how to use vivid stories?

Learn how to
🚀 present reserch’s results or reports in an impactful way – combine data and storytelling as a pro
🚀 find stories from your industry / from your life to brighten your presentation or speech
🚀 lead a meeting in a fun way that gives higher results
🚀 avoid the most common non-native English speakers’ mistakes during speaking up

Become a more influential leader – no matter where you sit.

Become a more influential leader – no matter where you sit.


Communication specialist | 💡 Innovation skills' trainer
Orsolya Galantai
Native English public speaking coach I 💡 Storyteller
Alex MachIntosh

The workshop is for

Current leaders

Talents & future leaders

rofessionals in any position who regularly speak up, write articles and hold meetings (eg. sales managers, marketing professionals, PR experts, change managers, transformational leads, project managers, engineers, HR experts)

Only join, if you

want to make a bigger impact and have funnier moments when you speak or write

bored with your presentations and meetings

want to increase your sales numbers

wish you could express yourself better

had enough of bu**shit frontal teaching and you want to learn through practice

Become a more influential leader – no matter where you sit.

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