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🇭🇺 this event is in Hungarian

Start 2023 spin by strengthening your “professional immune system”, for which we will equip you with useful tools at the next Spark Talks
Our topics
🚀 Economic trends behind labour market changes in 2023

🚀 The organizational advantage and creation of emotional safety

🚀 Tips and tricks to increase organizational adaptability

🇬🇧 this event is in English

Using stories in a business environment, we can illustrate and demonstrate facts and concepts, breathing life into them and making your words powerful and memorable.

Learn how to
🚀 present research results or reports in an impactful way – combine data and storytelling as a pro
🚀 find stories from your industry / from your life to brighten your presentation or speech
🚀 lead a meeting in a fun way that gives higher results
🚀 avoid the most common non-native English speakers’ mistakes during speaking up


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