Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Spark Institute (hereinafter referred to as SPARK or Data Manager) operating within the organisational framework of IBS International Business School (1031 Budapest Záhony u. 7.) operates the Spark Institute websites, the content of which constitutes the sole intellectual property of the operator.

Information on data protection

Pursuant to the present declaration, the Data Manager informs visitors and users of the website about its data management practice, organisational and technical measures instituted to protect the data and opportunities for legal remedy for users.

The data manager

IBS International Business School (seat: 1031 Budapest Záhony u. 7; registration number: NAIH-62227) is the data manager.

Legal grounds of data management, scope of data managed

The voluntary approval of users constitutes the legal grounds for managing the personal data specified under this section.

The start and end times of user visits is automatically recorded when the website is accessed, similarly to the browser, operating system data and the user’s IP address, depending on the settings of the user’s computer, in certain cases or the name of the site from which the user accessed the website. The system automatically generates statistical data from the above data. The operator does not link this data to other personal data and only uses it to generate statistics. sends a cookie to the user’s computer, which is, among others, necessary to automatically display messages sent to users.

Website services are accessible as follows:

a) Anyone is free to visit the website without having to provide any personal data beyond the technically automatic data managed (visitor level).

b) The user must provide their email address and other data requested when registering or applying to access specific contents, services (visitor level). This is necessary for the registering, applying user to be able to access the services offered by SPARK and apply for programmes, trainings. The Data Manager does not ensure access to the email address, personal data for visitors. SPARK exclusively uses the user’s email address for communication purposes if the user subscribes to the newsletter or applies to take part in a programme, training.

By providing their data, users agree to SPARK managing their personal data. Data provided to use the website is managed pursuant to the voluntary consent of the user and in light of the present information.

Purpose, duration of data management

Registration and storage of visit times, the IP address, as well as the browser and operating system data are unique to the operation of the system; managing these is technically essential and undertaken for statistical purposes only.

Personal data provided on the websites is managed for the purpose of the user to take part in a programme/training, for the user to be able to create an independent profile for the training, introduce her/himself to the group and the trainers, subscribe to the newsletter and for data management purposes in order to provide the services of the Data Manager by ensuring communication between the user and the Data Manager. The data manager is not authorised to use personal data for other purposes than those specified and shall confidentially handle this data. The data provided in the above manner is managed pursuant to the voluntary consent of the user.

SPARK manages personal data throughout the duration of the objective of data management or until consent is revoked. Personal data is immediately deleted concurrently to the cessation of the purpose of data management.

Session IDs are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. Users may delete their own cookies at any given time. Cookies are automatically deleted 6 months later.

Authorised access to data, data security

Only data manager employees have access to the personal data provided by users and data generated automatically for technical operational purposes.

The data manager shall not disclose personal data to any third party or contract an external data processor. Data is protected from unauthorised access, tampering, transfer, disclosure, deletion or destruction, as well as accidental destruction and corruption. Data is stored on a server in Hungary.

In the event of mandatory data transfer required by law, SPARK verifies whether the legal grounds for data transfer truly apply in respect of each individual data, if necessary by requesting the data protection authority to provide an opinion before satisfying official data requests.

The user may change the data provided at any given time. To provide a new email address the user has to unsubscribe and resubscribe by providing the new email address if the user wishes to subscribe to the newsletter. The user’s email address or other data provided is not public and cannot be disclosed to any third party without the explicit consent of the user.

We store personal data on our own dedicated server protected around the clock located in the server room of the Internet service provider eSolution Ltd. (contact: 1114 Budapest, Fadrusz utca 26/A 3.). This server is located in Hungary.

Rights pertaining to the use of the personal data of users, deleting data

Every visitor and registered user may request information on how personal data is managed. The Data Manager provides information in writing to the visitor/user about the data it manages, the purpose of data management, its legal grounds, duration, name and address (seat) of the data processor, activities relating to data management, as well as who and for what purpose the data is or was sent to within 30 days of requesting this. Anyone may request information by sending a request to the postal address of the data manager or via email to HELLO@SPARKINSTITUTE.CO by providing their postal address.

Users may object to the management of their personal data, within which framework they may also request the correction, deletion of their personal data by sending a request to the postal address of the data manager or via email to HELLO@SPARKINSTITUTE.CO.

The data manager replies to requests for data deletion no later than within 3 workdays of the receipt of the complaint. This reply period is 1 week from 1 July to 31 September and 20 December and 6 January.

By subscribing to the newsletter the user consents to SPARK sending information on its latest news and offers.

To unsubscribe the user types her/his email address in an input field and clicks on the unsubscribe link.

See Conditions of Use for further details about deleting data.

Legal options, rights reserved for changing the data protection declaration

Please contact us if as a user you feel that SPARK has breached rights pertaining to the protection of personal data for us to be able to remedy any potential legal breach. We inform users that they may also take their case to a civil court or request assistance from the data protection authority. Act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information and Article 13/A of Act CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce serves and of services related to the information society set forth detailed provisions relating to the above, as well as data manager obligations.

Should you have any additional queries regarding the protection of personal data please send these to the email address HELLO@SPARKINSTITUTE.CO.

The data manager reserves the right to change their data protection declaration. This may in particular occur if the scope of services is extended or legal regulations make this mandatory. Changes to data management does not imply changes to the targeted management of personal data, its illegal extension. The data manager publishes information relating to this on its website 15 days in advance.

Terms and Conditions

This information note contains a detailed description and information related to the events with training/education purpose of Spark Institute functioning separately and for a given purpose within the organisation of IBS International Business School (hereinafter: IBS) and, in this context, it describes the key elements of the contractual relationship and the conditions and circumstances for the establishment thereof, as well as the basic rights and obligations of the parties under the contractual relationship between the applicants for courses and the institution organising the trainings. Beyond the contents of this Information Note, the legal relationship between the parties is included in and regulated by a training contract drafted in a separate document and signed by the parties.
The webpage created and operated for this given purpose by IBS contains, in addition to the content of this Information Note, a comprehensive and detailed description of the following courses of SPARK Institute:

  • Transformative Strategies
  • Data Driven Leadership

The courses allow for consecutive training cycles, applications may be submitted to individual trainings or to several trainings at the same time (All you can learn).

The contractual relationship for trainings is established between IBS and third parties applying for the training(s).

Applicants may be natural persons or legal entities/business associations. In this latter case the contracting partner may delegate one or more applicants for the different trainings or for several interrelated trainings at the same time.

In the case of choosing the All you can learn type of training and of contracting parties delegating several applicants, individual offers may also be requested with a customised set of contractual terms which may differ, in certain points, from the parameters published on our webpage or from the description and conditions included in this Information Note.

The conclusion of training contracts: The applicants fill out the registration datasheet drafted for this purpose and available on the webpage of Spark Institute and make other legal statements also described on the webpage, then Spark Institute hands over/forwards the training contract and the relevant pro forma invoice to them.

The applicants sign the training contract and hand over/forward two copies of it to the training institution and, based on the pro forma invoice received, pay, as earnest money, 15% of the amount of training fee set for the course. The description of the legal nature of earnest money, as well as the acknowledgement of such description will be included in the training contract.

The fees of the different courses are detailed and correctly indicated in the description of the courses on the webpage but such amount are, of course, contained also in the training contracts together with the due dates.

The difference between the total of the training fee and the amount of earnest money paid, shall be fully paid before the commencement date of the first course, this is a precondition for commencing the training.

In the case of choosing the All you can learn type of training, the applicant/contracting party must pay the total amount of the training fee (customised in given cases) at once prior to the commencement date.

After the payment of the training fee, the parties are entitled to terminate the contract only in exceptional and duly justified cases considering that the training institution uses capacities based on the applications and the amounts paid and decides on whether to run a given course and on the related budget based on the fulfilment of the requirement on the minimum headcount announced.

In relation to this, the applicant/contracting party must pay the training fee to the training institution (or the training institution may keep the amount of such fee) even if the applicant or any person delegated by the contracting party does not participate in the given course for any reason or stops to participate in the course after its commencement.

The training fee (programme fee) covers all costs related to the training process (the costs of tests, professional practice and related events, the costs of training materials and aids) and, in addition, the costs of accommodation offered in relation to the training and of three meals a day, under the conditions specified in the description of the individual courses.

Travelling costs are not included in the training fee and the costs of accommodation and meals for the participants of the All you can learn programme are to be borne by the participants up to the amount preliminarily offered by Spark Institute. The team of Spark Institute is to provide for booking accommodations and organising meals.

The form of training: group training. Spark Institute may require a minimum headcount for the different courses. In such cases, if the number of applicants does not reach the minimum headcount announced, Spark Institute is entitled to decide on the delaying or the cancellation of the course and to inform the applicants thereof without delay while settling the accounts regarding the amounts paid to date but not applying the legal consequences of earnest money. The notification referred herein must be sent to the applicants minimum 15 days prior to the commencement date of the given course.

Training venue: The training rooms at the registered office of IBS International Business School at 1031 Budapest, Záhony u. 7. and other locations specified in the course descriptions.

The time, duration and the scheduling of the training within calendar days can be found in the course descriptions. If justified, Spark Institute may modify the time of the training (until the 60th day before the announced commencement date of the given course) and is obliged to inform the participants thereof without delay.

If they fulfil the requirements specified in the programme description and satisfy other training requirements, course participants will obtain a Certificate proving the completion of their studies.

The applicant/contracting party acknowledges that (s)he is not free to choose the composition of the group, the trainers/lecturers/mentors, the scheduling of and the modules within the course and Spark Institute explicitly reserves its right to modify the composition of the groups and the modules and their order within a given course and/or to replace the teachers, lecturers and mentors participating in the training even after the commencement of the training if necessary without endangering/changing the goals of the training and the methodological adequacy of the training regarding the goal. Any eventual changes referred to above do not entitle the applicant/contracting party to terminate the training contract.

By filling out and signing the application, applicants acknowledge that they have read the detailed Information Note on the trainings published herein by the training institution. This Information Note serves the purpose of interpreting and better understanding the information on the webpage and the conditions specified in the training contracts, but in relation to this, it is only preliminary information and does not constitute the set of general contractual terms and conditions between the parties.

Pursuant to the applicable Hungarian legal regulations on data protection, data and other personal type of information are managed and protected in accordance with IBS’ Privacy Policy and, beyond and/or together with that, in accordance with the contents of the information note on data protection available through the webpage of Spark Institute – based on the Declaration of Consent made, upon application, by those involved. If application is made by a legal entity/business association delegating natural persons, the required declarations of consent will be made by the natural person delegates/participants based on the requests for information sent to the e-mail addresses provided by the applicant/delegating party.

By applying and by a separate declaration included in the training contract, the training participants give their consent to have visual or audio records made of them on the territory of the training institution or at other locations and events organised in relation to the training and to make such visual and audio materials as a reference or as advertising material public in relation to the activities of Spark Institute.